Friday, April 20, 2018

Simple PS code will wait until the log file exist.
#Wait Until File is created

$logfile = "Log file name"
$TargetLogFile = "Path_To_File"

# example      $logfile             = "Test.CSV"
# example      $TargetLogFile =  \\$ServerName\C$\Temp\$logfile"

#()_.Wait for the log file
write-host "()_.Attempting to locate [$logfile]" -f yellow

   Write-host "()_.Please wait..." -f Cyan
   Start-Sleep -Seconds 5
   Write-host "()_.{$logfile] not there" -f Yellow

    $path = Test-Path $TargetLogFile
    if (!($TargetLogFile))  
        {Write-Host "()_.[$logfile]  Not here yet..." -f Yellow
        start-sleep -Seconds 5}      
    Write-Host "()_.Located [$logfile]" -f Green
    Write-Host "()_.Will continue" -f Yellow

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